Saturday, 29 November 2014

Party Season

My Blog has sat dormant for a long time, in fact it's been 1 year and 8months since I last posted.
I really lost the will to write anything and to be honest after a period of realisation that there are so many people out there writing and so little traffic or people visiting, I just thought what's the point.

For some random reason I thought I'd log in and was surprised to see a reasonable amount of traffic and a bit of a surge in visitors over the last couple of months. This is no doubt down to increasing numbers of bots and spam traffic but nevertheless it did make me wonder whether anyone new had discovered my random ramblings.

When I read back some of my old posts, I still find myself chuckling away and think the pieces are quiet well written and flow well. I'm glad I've captured tales such as The Blueberry Smoothie Incident and others as although I have fading memories of this event - the post takes me right back to the evening in question and helps me remember my kids when they were younger and the usual ensuing chaos we face as a family.

My daughter is now heading towards 15 years old, and today starts her first part-time job as an assistant at children's birthday parties. She's really looking forward to dressing up as a fairy and assisting the other characters - this is the equivalent of having to make the coffee, as you have to work your way up until you become the star Princess attraction.

This reminded me so much of her own younger years where she was always dressing up and would spend all her days in her pink princess castle as the cutest 6 year old ever. Of course that's the twinkly memories, the fact she was also a little brat who had the biggest tantrums I've ever seen also rears it's ugly head.... But it is amazing how that thought is suppressed as time passes and the rose tinted spectacles make it seem so much more angelic.

I still recall her fifth birthday party which was a complete disaster with the party games. You know if you are honest, you usually try and fix it so your own child at least wins one game at their own party - well on this occasion it all went pear shaped. She won nothing, and as the games progressed her bottom lip trembled and the tears flooded down her face. It culminated in a diva-esque performance of the highest calibre.

As a parent who likes to at least seek some revenge for these moments of scarring I've had to endure - I kindly reminded her of this performance as I wished her luck heading out of the door to her first children's party. Hope it goes well, I said. Let's hope you can handle the tantrums - to which she replied, yeah no problem Dad - I wrote the book on them, remember!

Don't I just. Good luck my little Princess x