Friday, 30 March 2012

Ten Things

Another meme doing the rounds amongst the blogging community and I have been tasked with revealing 10 things I say to myself every day by the ever generous slightlysuburbandad

So in a kind of Day in the Life style;-

06:25 “Oh shit, it’s time to get up, yaaaawwwwnnnn” slaps snooze button on alarm clock

06:34 “I really, really have to get up now” crawls out of bed, offers a halfhearted stretch and limps to bathroom.

06:43 “Looking good, you’ve still got it” refreshed, preening in front of mirror and pointing with one eyebrow raised.

07:18 “Where the f**k did all this traffic come from, I should have got up ten minutes earlier” stuck in traffic tailing back 1mile from my exit junction.

07:39 “Where did all these flaming e-mails come from” having closed everything out at 4.37pm the day before and arriving to another full inbox. Like the e-mail fairy has visited.

12:15 “Look at the legs on that, god I wish I was ten years younger” sitting in the work restaurant as the incredibly proportioned Laura from accounts walks passed with her cool young entourage. Closely followed by the realisation I have dribbled potato salad down my tie.

16:37 “Right, I’m leaving now, whether the boss is still around or not” contemplating that despite already being over the flexible hours limit, I don’t want to be seen leaving before everyone else. Closes final e-mail out.

19:27 “There is nothing on TV, why am I paying Sky sixty odd quid a month” having just surfed through 100 channels to find bugger all but repeats or Channel 4 news to watch.

20:38 “How can I stay on twitter without getting grief from the wife” sensing impending argument following the third heavy sigh and sideways glance since 20:36.

21:57 “If that kid doesn’t get off FaceTime I am going to explode” after telling daughter four times in the last half an hour to go to bed. I mean I am in my bed now and I had to get off Twitter at 20:38.

So, that’s pretty much how most days go, except for today because it’s Friday. Traffic is always better on Fridays. I got to say “sod the boss” I’m leaving at 14:55. There is usually something good on TV on a Friday night and Laura from accounts may just have smiled at me today (either that or the bloke behind me) The wife is working so I can tweet all I like until about 21.45. My daughter can stay on FaceTime until the cows come home because I’ll be staying up late and drinking wine.

So to more victims of the meme. Well I could nominate poshbird who writes viewfromtheloungewindow but she probably won’t ever get round to doing it. Ageing Matron likes a challenge, her recent makeover post proves that and itsadadslife might fancy a go.


  1. Cleverly executed! Not sure I'll be able to rise to this challenge.

    1. Yes you will, sure as eggs ! Thanks for stopping by ;-)

  2. I enjoyed reading this.

  3. Excellent job!

  4. I hate you , no seriously i do ! You're too damn efficient at doing your meme thingy ma jigs and too bloody good! It's NOT fair ;-) but this is really good and worthy of a Brit mums nomination :-) :-)
    Mr wisdom i salute you and scurry off to think about doing mine, i have a feeling you're gonna keep tagging me until i actually complete one!

    1. Lol ! One day you will !!! Thank you for your er kind comments. ;-)