Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Gig Meme

Another music “meme” going around. In fact this is the first of two I have recently been tagged to undertake. David at itsadadslife has a great blog and has asked me to reveal my gigging past to you.

My First experience of a live gig was in fact Motorhead. Yes, that’s right you read it correctly. Pick yourself up off the floor, its true. At the age of about eleven my incredibly generous uncle took me and my best mate to see the No Sleep til Hammersmith live tour. Lemmy, some other blokes and two thousand greasy heavy metal head-cases going mental and my uncle trying to prevent us rushing down to the front, where to be fair we would probably have died. My ears were ringing for three days afterwards and I’m not sure my hearing has ever been the same.

selected track: Ace of Spades

My Worst gig is a difficult one as I haven’t really been to that many I didn’t really want to be at, if you know what I mean. Would say the one I was most let down by was a Simple Minds gig in the early 90’s. It wasn’t bad, just not as good as I had hoped for. In truth it was a crap night, I was in a bad mood and the support act was uninspiring, so to be fair perhaps it was me and not them. They were one of my favourite bands and made some cracking music in the early eighties.

selected track: Don’t You Forget About Me

My Best gig is without a doubt Oasis at Loch Lomond back in 1996. Truly amazing day out in the most spectacular setting, only spoiled by overpriced burgers and beer. The band at their very best, totally great atmosphere that was absolutely bouncing. Words cannot describe how 40,000 Scots who have been drinking all afternoon can party into the evening. They even had some amazing fireworks at the end of the night just to top it all off. My mate even had his face painted like braveheart (pillock).

selected track: Slide Away

My Last gig was Elbow at Glasgow SECC last March (shows how often I get out these days !). Guy Garvey is without doubt an amazing down to earth bloke, who pens genius lyrics for a band who are musicians through and through, and have five fantastic albums. I so want to pick a track from their earlier albums, but the track should be from the gig, and this isn’t actually my favourite track but on the night the crowd were amazing and it really finished a superb evening.

selected track: One Day Like This

My Dream gig is such a tough one. I like so many great bands and have missed so many great opportunities to see them live. As a teenager U2 were never off my playlist and their concert at Redrocks, outdoor amphitheatre was just the most brilliant setting for a concert. They recorded Under a Blood Red Sky there and I watched the video until it wore out. U2 distance themselves from their early material these days, but hell it’s what made them – and you have got to love Bono’s leather trousers and flag waving.

selected track: The Electric Co (live)

Now to three other music types for them to continue if they wish. Jaille Daddy tagged me in another musical meme which I will complete in due course, so I'll return the favour and tag him. slightlysuburbandad likes a good meme and some good music. Finally Kev is into his music in a big way too.

Edit: I should add this meme was originally doing the rounds courtesy of MusoDad who has since retired from blogging but will put your suggestions on a spotify play list if you twitter him !


  1. Great post! Motörhead at 11 eh? I'm impressed :-)

    I remember lots of friends going to see Oasis at Loch Lomond when in 96. Wasn't a fan myself but friends said it was amazing. Were there really 40,000 of us nutters there??

    1. Yeah, two days 80,000 nutters ;-) and probably 80000 hangovers or maybe thats just how bad mine felt like lol

  2. Love it! I was going to say the same as Mr. Inglis - Motörhead? At 11? You are a Legend! Elbow would have been my 2nd choice of fave gig. Thanks for joining in, will add your choices to the Spotify playlist.