Saturday, 26 November 2011

First Post

Well, I usually have plenty inane ramblings to get out of my system and find writing to be a good release. this is the first time i have attempted a blog, and right now i have no idea whether i will be arsed to continue - or if it's another one of my great ideas that i never quite get round to delivering on. I'm sure my wife would re-iterate that with several tales of my inability to get off my backside and actually do all the stuff I'm supposed to, but hey, what else are wives for if not to nag the hell out of their husbands and blame us for everything? Granted it may just be because they've had a bad day dealing with the trials and tribulations of motherhood, womanhood and the school-run, but we are only human too !

I jest of course, 99% of the time my failings and lack of motivation are of my own making. I'm just so bloody tired all the time these days. The combined joys of parenting an Autistic 9year old boy, a demanding 11year old girl and being the wrong side of forty are taking their toll.

Still, whats life for if its not for living ?

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