Sunday, 27 November 2011

Relax, its Sunday !

Ok, so where to go with my journey to Blog-ville? I'll certainly not be taking you through a chronological explanation of my life to date. That would be mind numbingly painful for all of us, besides I'll need to keep that for my autobiography ;-)

As my hastily thought out title suggests this will be more akin to a less structured approach and i guess I'll go where the mood takes me. That could be bad and it could be good, sometimes i get frustrated with the monotony of life. I'd never give up my children for anything, but the stresses and hassle they cause you sometimes make you yearn for the days when you were able to chill out on a Sunday morning, have that deserved lie-in, spend some quality time together and head out for a relaxing lunch.

Alas, it's not to be.
WARNING - Having children can seriously damage your well-being, sex-life (I think I had one once), financial state, social acceptance and can be excruciatingly painful.(especially if you have ever stood on a piece of Lego at 3am)

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