Friday, 13 January 2012


The wife's new car arrived yesterday and like any bloke I couldn't wait to grab the keys and give it the once over.

Its a nice looking silver Fiesta and I was pleasantly surprised by the look of it and all the gizmo's it has compared to the previous 8 year old one. In fact it's almost as well specced as my Mondeo. Alloys, Bluetooth, USB, reasonable boot space......Don't worry, I'm not going all Jeremy Clarkson on you - this isn't a car review blog.

Anyway, I jumped in the car and took it for a thrash around drive and was amazed by the green arrow that kept popping up every time I squirted the accelerator. In fact, at first, I though it was so great i tried to get it to light up more and more. I was having a great time, the car was roaring around like a little rocket.

It was only after about ten minutes that the penny finally dropped...........the green arrow is there to remind you to change up a gear in some environmental push to save your fuel bill. This clearly has its merits, but it did kind of make me think that these things need to be explained properly in order for them to be effective - especially to those of the male gender who tend not to bother reading instructions !

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