Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Never Ending Story

Having recently thought about some literary classics from the past, I realised that other than Holidays According to Humphrey I haven't actually read a book since last July.

I have a half read Stuart MacBride novel, which has been sitting around for the last six months gathering dust and either it's just not grabbed me or the ongoing chaos in my household means getting a moment to myself is as likely as being run over by a bus.

At Christmas I received two books, both of which are by writers I like (Peter James and Mark Billingham), and at this rate should keep me going until about the middle of 2013. In fact possibly longer given my impending share of dog-parenting duties scheduled to commence early February.

Maybe I just need to improve my time management skills, or alternatively go hide in the shed for a while. That's if I could get in the shed of course, because its full of half empty paint cans, garden furniture, bikes, scooters, a pair of skis from the mid 90's and all the cardboard boxes from xmas - which I should have taken to the recycling depot last Saturday, (ok, and the Saturday before too).

That's another job to add to this week's ever growing list of to-dos. No rest for the wicked, or husbands who neglect their chores it would seem.

Maybe I need to change my mantra - Why do today what you can put off tomorrow?

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