Sunday, 29 January 2012

I'm Shufflin'

Ok, time to write something without the use of pictures or captions. However, this is another meme that’s floating about on many of the lovely blog pages I’ve been visiting. (Spotted on Actually Mummy)

I haven’t been tagged or anything, so I’m kind of just gatecrashing my way onto the bandwagon.

However, the idea was simply to stick your generic music player on shuffle and list the first five tracks that come up. No cheating.

Of course, I’ll have no embarrassing songs coming up on my phone (mostly because I’ve only selectively put the good ones on there in the first place, lol) Ok here goes…..

  1. Oasis – Some Might Say
  2. Elbow – Hotel Istanbul
  3. Maximo Park – Graffiti
  4. The Jam – Bitterest Pill
  5. Massive Attack – Tear Drop
There you go no probs. How cool am I?

Oasis from back in the good old days, when life was fun, hedonistic and certainly child free.

Elbow’s rare B-side off a limited edition Grounds For Divorce CD. Has to be noted as superb. Lyrics such as  “pissed I just insist that no-one cares, as love has gone and thrown me down the stairs”

Maximo Park reminds me so much of being on a school trip to France, but I think I was about 34 when it came out. One day I’ll move on from that first love. I will.

The Jam I haven’t heard for ages, forgot it was on there to be honest. Think I got into them after Paul Weller’s resurgence in the mid nineties.

Massive Attack speaks for itself. “Love, Love is a verb. Love is a doing word” If only we could remember that.

Ok, I’ll do the same again but this time off my computer media player.

  1. Eternal featuring BB Williams – I Wanna Be The Only One
  2. Madness – House of Fun
  3. Sash – Ecuador
  4. Simple Minds – Speed Your Love to Me
  5. Echo and The Bunnymen – Silver

Well at least we finished off with a classic. EATB are immense, and without doubt one of my all time favourite bands. As for the others, well I do have a voluminous amount of stuff on there, so I’m just counting myself lucky it wasn’t Bananarama, Shania Twain or James Blunt that came up. Where would my street cred have been then?


  1. Good choices. I'm glad there's some sort of rule among British Dad bloggers that We Must Love Elbow. I think they're brilliant. I'm hoping no-one tags me as I still have a very old iPod from when I was travelling that works sporadically and is stuffed with 90s trance that I used in the gym and nowhere else!

  2. That could throw up a few tunes ! - Elbow are just superb, if you have time between blogs there's a good forum- gets lively xjdm a new album or tour is on.

  3. Think you've won the game with your first 5 choices - no-one can better that lot surely!

  4. *raises hand timidly* I like Elbow too! Though I did scoff slightly at the Eternal track, before recalling it in my head and realising that I knew most of the words... *blushes* Oh the SHAME

  5. thanks for your comments ! The pc media player could have thrown up some real crap. I even think Justin Bieber's on there - but i'd blame my daughter for that one (honest guv)

  6. Tear Drop is such an amazing song, and so of its era too.