Thursday, 2 February 2012

7 x 7

Strangely enough, I wrote a blog post titled "Seven" not that long ago, which highlighted my long and mysterious association with this number. Low and behold, only a few weeks later a fellow blogger slightlysuburbundad goes and “Tags” me to join in with a post titled 7 x 7. (Twilight zone music now playing in background)
The idea originated from motherventing to explore and list seven posts from seven bloggers you found interesting and to also list seven things about yourself.
Because I’m relatively new to the blogging world, I have been visiting a wide variety of blogs, many of which are written by parents and also those that have connections to Autism. So, here are seven posts that have caught my eye recently, and I’ll also just refer you to the blog sites themselves to kill two birds with one stone.
In no particular order;
A Good Cause... put your best boob forward  by Poshbird, because it is for a good cause, although I'm a bit uncomfortable reading some of her other posts about her own special new arrivals.
Around The World in 80 Words by Sahdandproud because it was a great idea and one that got the imagination going for a lot of people.
What's on your MP3? by Actuallymummy for the same reason and it also gave me huge street cred when I joined in !
The life of a creme egg by Aspieinthefamily because it was something completley different and the blog is also very relevant to me because my son has autistic disorder. In fact there are many good ASD blogs out there, but I can't list them all for this post.
Aspergers Worrying What The Future holds by A Boy With Aspergers -again because this resonates with my own circumstances and raises awareness of the condition.
The Dangers of A Three Year Old Playing with Your Phone by Mumofalltrades is a reminder to us all how easy technology makes for general embarrassment.
A Beginners Guide To Middle Age by agingmatron, which is a giggle for anyone over or approaching 'a certain age' - and i also find the concept of a beer drinking journalist / vicars wife an interesting paradox.
I’m not sure there are seven interesting things about me (courts sympathy), but here goes.
1.       Despite being a skilled driver, I took three times to pass my test. One of the examiners never fully recovered.
2.       In first year of secondary school I won the school quiz. Well, me and Rachel Smith won it together. Ok, Rachel was the smartest kid in school, and she won the quiz, with me sitting next to her.
3.       I can do the the Rubik Cube in less than two-minutes on a good day.
4.       I can speak fluent mandarin Chinese and six other languages.
5.       I am a compulsive liar. See number 4.
6.       My philosophy in life used to be what goes around comes around, but there are an awful lot of people on my list who are still due it coming round in their direction. I’m thinking of changing my philosophy to something more direct.
7.       The number most closely associated with my existence (see post link above) and the number of living things now in my household with the addition of new puppy. So that’s 1xWife, 2xKids, 1xLabrador 1xCat, 1xHamster and of course.... 1xunappreciated, hard done to, bottom of the list *husband/computer fixer/dustbin taker-outer/car washer/extreme supermarket shopper.
(*sometimes referred to as lazy/moaning/grumpy/allergic to housework/toilet seat leaver upper)