Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ok, so she's a bit of a dog

Puppy Day is here. I promised I’d keep you updated.
Here is the lovely Misha, otherwise known as Lomondhills Marzipan !

We are now several hundred pounds out of pocket, with an ongoing food and insurance bill of about £50 per month. Another one of the ‘benefits’ to our family my wife forgot to mention. Hmmm.
We also need to go to the vet in the next few days to have the first round of inoculations, which I’m pretty sure won’t be free either.
I found a receipt from the pet shop yesterday too. I say found, because I’m almost certain my wife had hidden it to cover up the fact she spent almost £80 on various paraphernalia from pink check blankets, bedding, chew toys, bowls and soother. If it hadn’t been for the collar and lead, I would have sworn she’d been to Mothercare.
I suppose all that’s distinguishing her from a baby is the fact she won’t be wearing nappies. (Hang on, do you get puppy nappies? surely that’s one for Dragon’s Den) 
However, the husband doth protest too much. It’s too late for that, the horse has bolted......Thankfully we don’t have room for one of those!


  1. I suspect you are going to think puppy nappies are an even better idea over the next couple of days. Good luck.

  2. Puppy poo is definately worse than baby poo ! Lol