Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Four More Sleeps...

Tension rising, kids getting hyper, stress increasing – bank balance decreasing at alarming rate.
Every time I go to the shops, just to pick up a few bits and pieces it seems I spend at least another £50. Surely I cannot possibly need much more food? – Well apart from the veg, melba toast (which is like hens teeth at the moment), another sweet because  the six people coming to lunch all seem to have individual dislikes to xmas pudding / trifle / cheesecake / gateaux / cream
That’s before I realise that I have failed to buy anything to eat for the rest of the weekend, and I also have no more room in the fridge – so it could be takeaways for the next three days.
Of course I will forget something and only realise at 4pm on Christmas Eve that I don’t have any parsnips or something that doesn’t matter to me, but will no-doubt be “Auntie’s favourite” and we can’t possibly do without. Hence further pointless trip to empty shelved supermarket when two thousand other people are trying to do the same.
Apart from the unnecessary expense, hassle, stress, exhaustion, requirement to be sociable with the in-laws and potential meltdowns from our autistic son – I’m really looking forward to Xmas !

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