Friday, 30 December 2011

Life In The Fast Lane ?

My wife has now joined me in the over forty club.

We had a nice break away from the children for two days, got to eat dinner in peace and enjoyed a glass or three of wine.

We went shopping, had lunch, went shopping, had coffee, went shopping, had dinner – repeat x 2 and throw in a theatre show and that sums up our mini-break.

However, after the first couple of hours with our newfound freedom, we quickly realised that our topic of conversation usually drifted back on to the children in some shape or form.

I guess that’s the thing about being a parent – you never really stop.

Sometimes I wonder what we actually used to talk about before we had kids, and what life would be like if we hadn’t. Then I feel kind of guilty for thinking like that, especially when there are people who really want children and are unable to.

Nevertheless, I do sometimes get a little jealous of those who seem to make the most of their childless existence – you know, better, classier holidays – being able to go for weekends away at the drop of a hat, eating in places we would never contemplate taking children to. They might still even have sex ! (without being completely knackered or worried about being disturbed or overheard)

Hang on, this is starting to sound like a mid-life crisis….must be time to buy a sports car, find a twenty four year old mistress and take a sabbatical……

ok, I’m dreaming,
I had better just toddle off and get the kids tea made, do the dishes and clear up the toys. (The sports car still sounds like a good idea though?)

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