Thursday, 8 December 2011

Xmas Shopping Finished ! (fingers crossed)

I am usually well organised when it comes to xmas shopping for the children’s presents, and have in the past had everything ordered up at least six weeks in advance with military precision. However, the biggest difficulty I’ve found with this is my son has a tendency to change his mind.
He definitely wants something, to the point of obsession but can suddenly do a complete u-turn and change his mind for reasons that are silly to us but absolutely serious to him. He didn’t like a later advert for a particular toy one year and then decided because this upset him, the toy was no good. No amount of persuasion otherwise was accepted.
Even if you buy something you think he will like. If he doesn’t then he will not even take it out of the box. This may make him seem ungrateful, but actually he is unable to disguise his feelings and probably reacting with an honest response (while the rest of us smile through gritted teeth and thank Granny  very much for the knitted scarf that will never see the light of day again).
When you think of things logically, this self centred perspective actually makes sense. If something doesn’t work for you, then why on earth would you waste time with it?
It makes perfect sense, but at the same time is socially unacceptable.
The other aspect to this is that it could be the 23rd December and he will suddenly have an epiphany and announce he has changed his Santa list.  As my wife and I look at each other in horror, I can already picture myself running round like a maniac, re-enacting the film “Jingle All The Way” and elbowing old ladies out of the way in Toys R US.

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