Saturday, 24 December 2011

Pizza Express

I am all ready for the big day. Table set, several puddings on standby and Turkey with all the trimmings just waiting to be prepped and slaved over.

I have tried to anticipate any problems with my son’s perceptions and have hopefully bought the gifts he will like. He is already over excited, so we will no doubt have some crashing meltdown later today or tomorrow, followed by a alarm call.

As long as we can have some time when he is coping and enjoying things, it will be fine.

He has even chosen his lunch with a typically Autistic view – Pizza !
Why would he possibly want to eat Turkey on Christmas day ?

Now all I need to work out is how I can cook it when I’m supposed to have sausages and bacon, roast potatoes, stuffing and honey glazed carrots with parsnips in the oven?

Its going to be a long day !

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