Saturday, 17 December 2011


...not the film with Brad Pitt or the song by Prince from many moons ago or indeed the wonders of the world, but a number that has become inexplicably linked to my existence.

I live at No7
My wife was born on the 7th Day (a Sunday)
I was also born on the 7th Day.
My Daughter was born on the 7th Day, also incidentally the 7th of the month.
My son was born on the 7th Day.
Both children have first and second names with seven letters.
My mother lives at number No7.
I work for a company with 7 in their name.
My parking permit is 00-77
The last bus I took was a number 7

I could go on plucking out random occurrences or examples of numerology that link back to this mysterious number. Everywhere I go, I see some connotation of seven springing out at me, rather like the plot of the film "The Number 23" from a few years back !

What does all this mean ? - It probably means that if you look hard enough through several coincidences, you can find symmetry somewhere. Oh and I always thought my lucky number was, that's right, you guessed it ......Three !

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